Eight signs the first date went well

The first date is stressful because each party expects continuation, yet no one understands how the date went. Together with bebemur, we wanted to dispel the false expectations and make you realize that it's easier to get into the person's mind than you thought. So here is a list of signs that you'll go for the second round because the date went great:

1. They were laughing all the time

When people have a good time, they usually laugh a lot and exchange snark yet friendly remarks. If a date went well, you have a good feeling in your heart because no one created embarrassing situations. And even if you did, a genuine smile is a great indicator that your date had the best intentions not to disappoint you. People don't laugh or smile excessively when they feel uncomfortable. So if you didn't get deadly stares, be sure you'll get a second shot.

2. You were flirting too much

If a person is uncomfortable with you, they usually don't want to get too touchy-feely, keeping the distance. However, when two people are into each other, these lovey-doves use any opportunity to touch each other, embrace, caress, or make sexual remarks. So if the "magic" didn't happen during the first date, you could be sure that the person's drives for continuation.

3. Your date was sharing personal details

It doesn't matter how long you have been talking before meeting each other in real life; first-date conversations matter the most. If a person opened up to you to the point of talking about their childhood or traumas, it's highly unlikely that they randomly chose you to be their therapist. People share personal details when they start forming a bond. Make sure you remember every secret, and if the person told you none, don't get disappointed. The absence of deep talks doesn't mean you will not be invited on a second date; it is additional information.

4. They were jokingly making plans

If your date made unintentional clues about meeting you for the second time, planning where else to go, or hinting at some additional activities, you could opt for a second date. If they didn't like you, your date wouldn't give false hopes because that would be too embarrassing. When they say, "oh, I've never been to that zoo, but I would gladly go there with you," then bingo! Take them for their word and let it be the plan for your second date.

5. They didn't get distracted

People who don't like each other usually phub, meaning staying on their gadgets and monitoring social media while sitting at the dinner table. However, if they were all ears, it's a good sign. Some people legitimately cannot concentrate for more than 10 minutes, so if you got their attention and especially made them ask questions, this means that a person would love to get more information about you.

6. They hinted at exclusivity

If you openly discussed your dating status and the other person got sad and salty, hearing that you still date around, this person doesn't want you to leave. A date who likes you wouldn't be too excited about hearing about your other options. Asking about your status is generally a good sign during a first date; it means that someone has serious intentions towards you.

7. You didn't notice red flags

When things don't go too perfectly during the first date, both of you will get that gut feeling. If the conversation doesn't want to continue, you seem to lack common interests; everything gets in a way, you get irritated, your stomach drops all of a sudden – these are the signs you met a person who doesn't belong to you in the first place. But, on the contrary, if you felt strangely familiar or it's least comfortable to sustain a conversation as friends, it's a good sign.

8. They quickly texted you

If a person doesn't go "ghost mode" after a first date, asking you how you got home, it is genuinely a good sign they liked you. Someone who understands you're not their best companion will be too indifferent or embarrassed to start a new conversation, being afraid you will ask them out again. On the contrary, people who seem to have no reasons to ghost each other will quickly renew their daily convos after a date. Remember that if your date doesn't text you, they are either too shy or play hot and cold, a psychological manipulation that is generally considered a red flag.