8 Signs You’ve Finally Met A Good Girl

“How to find a good girlfriend in our time?” If you till don’t lose hope, we’ll sketch out a few signs of how this mythical character looks like. If you use social networks, then you can see there a lot of profiles of girls – beautiful, half-naked, with a languid look, in erotic poses, and with clever quotes. But who are they? Good girls with a D size, who have long legs and bodies of goddesses. Think what will happen to them next? Wonderful life? Nothing like this. A really good girlfriend should be determined and chosen differently. How to identify a good girl from the bad one? Here is a detailed review you should read before chossing russian women to marry.

1. A good girl is not stupid

It can be very tiring to date with fools. Stupid girls quickly become boring, unlike smart ones. Clever girlfriends will constantly surprise, support the desire and interest in themselves. They will not let men get bored. With such a girl, there is something to do and talk about.

2. A good girl is adequate

If not all then many girls have with adequacy. A girl doesn’t start a scandal from scratch, doesn’t take offense without reason, doesn’t demand, and is able to speak directly. A girl has already grown out of a foolish dream of a prince on a white horse and perceives a relationship between the sexes in an adult way.

3. A good girl is not mercantile

Here we have a problem, dude. Almost all women want Porsche Cayenne or another good car. This is the modern world and everyone wants to be rich. Everyone wants to have apartments, cottages, rest in Mallorca, clubs, restaurants, and attend jewelry stores. But you have to look for non-mercantile women who demand gifts, expensive restaurants, and other attributes of Hollywood life.

4. A good girl is independent

Independence is the key to a happy relationship between a man and a woman. It is important to have interests outside of your relationship. A woman who hangs around your neck and doesn’t move a step bores very quickly. You made a mistake at point number 1.

5. A good girl is sexy

A girl attracts you physically. She is sexy and knows this. Extremely complex and uncertain girls carry it to bed. In 95% of cases, it is meaningless to seek an ugly duckling. She will remain an ugly duckling who doesn’t know anything about her sexuality and sex itself.

6. A good girl respects you

A good girl gives a man to be a man. She doesn’t try to command, bend and subordinate them. She respects man’s desires, dreams, and way of life. She is not a feminist and not a bitch.

7. A good girl is temperamental

She’s a hot little thing. How to understand that a girl is good in bed? A hot girl has an energetic gait from the hip, is fond of sports, emotional, has a cat’s habits, melts from kisses, and likes to cuddle

8. A good girl gets along with your surroundings

If she has bad relations with your friends and relatives, then this is a problem. The ability to get along with the environment of a soulmate is an important sign of a mature person, not a stupid hysterical kid.

If you find all 8 points in a girl, then, most likely, you have a fever or sleep. But if this is not so, then grab her in your embraces and don’t give anyone.