12 Commandments of a Good Date

Not everyone is aware of the culture of the first date. Most women consider frankness a taboo on the first date, at a time, when men have the opposite opinion. Honesty is just one of the points on the way to a successful date. We have 12 commandments that surely make your date unforgettable.

1. Be honest. Just tell a girl who you are and what you are looking for. The right people will stay with you, while others will not communicate with you and save your time.

2. Be interested. If you want to know more about a girl, be interested in her. Ask what she does out of work, what she thinks, she likes to look at, and other little things peculiar to her. Don’t be indulgent if you don’t like this or that film, which she likes, communicate and share your thoughts.

3. Be interesting. It’s great when you ask how the day went, but if this is the only topic for conversation, a date becomes boring. Tell her about yourself or ask a few questions. When you are not interested in an interlocutor, she questions the motives of your meeting.

4. Keep your word. If you say that you call – the call. If you are appointing a second date, come on it. Just do what you promise. And let her know if a date is canceled. Everyone can have unforeseen circumstances, so be brave and say so.

5. Be courteous, attentive, and careful. Open the doors for a lady or help her with a chair in a cafe because it doesn’t go out of fashion. Flowers or sweets are still good gestures. Be tolerant and avoid controversial topics, for example, politics or religion.

6. Don’t teach her. Don’t try to correct a girl and impose your point of view. Act on the guidance: so many people, so many opinions, and remember that your worldview doesn’t always coincide with the views of others.

7. Don’t think that a date should end in sex. You don’t have to invite a girl to your home after a date if there is no “chemistry” between you or you she doesn’t want it. Thus, you leave an unpleasant residue from a date.

8. Be confident in yourself. Confidence is sexual. When someone is calm, unbreakable and in harmony with themselves, it looks attractive. It’s not about self-love and pride. Just be sure of yourself.

9. Be friendly. This is a simple truth, which is often overlooked. Avoid critical remarks and ambiguous compliments. Show admiration without condescension and be nice.

10. Be brave. Don’t disappear if you don’t like a person you are talking to. Be brave and say that you have nothing in common. And if you are interested in a girl, have the courage to confess to her in this. Say that you would like to see her again or that you had a great time together. Show feelings.

11. Be yourself. Show who you are, interest a girl, give her a reason for a second date. Secondly, don’t play, don’t try to seem different. You need a person with whom you can be yourself.

12. If you liked the first date and you want to meet again – tell it. Why keep silent if you feel some connection with this girl? Be honest about your feelings. Don’t pretend a hard-to-find or cold-blooded man.